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Managed IT Services

What is Managed IT?
Every company needs someone to manage IT for the business to run smoothly. From computers and printers to networks and security, to password and user management, many moving parts keep small-medium businesses (SMBs) running and their data safe. But many SMBs don’t have the time, skillset, or budget to keep all those IT tasks in-house, which is where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help.

What is Included in Managed Services?
You get everything that you would expect from having your own in-house IT – at a much lower cost. You can avoid the overheads and headaches of recruiting, upskilling, and retaining IT staff.
Chilli Power’s Managed IT Services packages give you access to IT specialists, who will proactively keep your environment operating as smoothly as possible.
With predictable monthly costs, we manage your hardware, software, printers, backup systems, network security and other vital IT infrastructure.
System updates, internet and network security, user management, system backups are all taken care of. Not only that, but your device endpoints are also monitored 24/7, so most problems are fixed before you know it and without you needing to make a call for help, reducing equipment downtime and leaving your staff to stay focused on their own productivity.
With a variety of plans available to suit various support and management requirements, you can get on with your business knowing your IT is in safe hands and your systems ‘just work’ when they need to.


Contact us today for standard package pricing, or ask us about our customized packages

1Devices enrolled are monitored for performance and update status using cloud software. Any issues are identified early, enabling us to deploy a resolution, preventing unnecessary downtime. Maintenance tasks can be scheduled remotely to keep the device running at its best.
2 Third party software update support limited to common business applications, along with current and commercially available software.
3 User accounts managed within customer’s existing system unless conversion to fully managed system requested. Extra cost will be involved in transition.
4 Backup location to be supplied by customer (local or cloud), otherwise additional charges for data storage.
5 Minimum client numbers apply to packages – see table above (Cost for 4 clients is charged up to the first 4 then incrementally with each new client).
*NOTE: Anything not listed in the table above is excluded from the agreement and may incur extra charges. These are service agreements relating to the enrolled devices. Hardware costs are not included. Any hardware upgrades, repairs or replacements, or installation and configuration of new software packages will incur extra charges.
Chosen service agreement charges will be due on a month-to-month basis, with a paid 60-day cancellation period if cancelled by customer.
Above pricing may change due to wholesale costing of items and required services. Upcoming pricing changes will be advised to customer with 60 days’ notice. Please see our SLA for detailed information.

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