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  1. Chilli Power Computing (‘We’ or ‘Us’) will only carry out repairs, services, and upgrades as requested or agreed to by the customer (‘You’).

  2. If during inspection or repair, it is discovered that the device cannot be repaired, You will be contacted to discuss options. These may include but not be limited to replacement or upgrade of some components.

  3. An estimate of repair costs may be given at time of drop off. This is an estimate only, and We may discover additional requirements once repairs have commenced. Should there be a significant variance to our estimate, We will contact You prior to proceeding.

  4. There is always potential for data loss when repairing computers, phones tablets and other devices. We strongly recommend making all necessary backups of personal data prior to commencement of repair. If there is any data loss during repair, this backup can be used to restore customer data. We take ALL care and precautions to protect and prevent data loss, however We will not be held responsible for any data loss once the device has been received.

  5. You agree that some software may be installed on the device during repair to perform required services. This software will be uninstalled prior to return if required.

  6. You understand that attempting repairs to devices may not always be successful.
       a) All repair attempts and parts used are not refundable.
       b) Any subsequent physical or water damage will not be covered by warranty.
      c) You are advised that repairing mobile phones and tablets can occasionally cause some original functions to be no longer available after an aftermarket repair is carried out. We will not be held responsible for any lost functionality to any device due to repair.
       d) All care will be taken but We will not be held responsible for any further damage to the device that may result from any repair.

  7. For repairs on Apple devices, You will be offered a choice of a Genuine Apple repair, or an alternative option.
       a) We are an Approved Independent Apple Repairer - This means We can carry out non-warranty repairs on your Apple device using genuine parts and procedures and these repairs will not affect the existing Apple Warranty. All Genuine Apple repairs are logged in the Apple repair system for reference and approval by Apple.
       b) If the customer chooses Genuine Apple repairs, all parts and procedures used for the repair will be the Genuine Apple items. There may be a 2–3-day turnaround time as genuine parts need to be ordered from Apple specific to each device being repaired. 
       c) If the customer chooses an alternative repair option for their Apple device, using non genuine parts, please note this will void any existing warranty held by Apple on the device.
       d) You accept that when non genuine parts are used,  some loss of original functionality of the device may occur. We will not be responsible for any lost functionality to the device.

  8. If You supply any parts to be used for the build, upgrade or repair of any device, warranty does not apply to those parts.

  9. If any special-order items are required for the repair, a deposit will be payable by You prior to commencement of work. Payment of final invoice will be required in full prior to any device being returned to You.

  10. Uncollected goods will be disposed of by Us in accordance with the requirements and notice periods set out in the Uncollected Goods Act 1995 to recoup the costs of repairs, storage, and sale of uncollected goods.


Customers please note:
We have recently made a small change to our fee schedule.

Inspection Fee:
ANY computer or device left with us for inspection or assessment for repair will be subject to a fee of

Payable at time of drop off.
If the repair is agreed to and completed this amount will be deducted from the final charges.

Special orders:
Any items or replacement parts ordered in specially for the repair of devices not currently in the workshop MUST be paid for in full before orders will be placed. The cost of these items is NON-REFUNDABLE unless the purchased parts are unsuitable for the device or repair.
Custom PC orders:
All Custom PC orders are subject to a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 20% which is due prior to commencement of the order and build process.

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