At Chilli Power, you'll receive professional IT Support from a friendly local expert.

Desktop, laptop... at your place or ours - we have got you covered.

We pride ourselves on doing it RIGHT the first time.




All brands, makes and models.

From quick fixes to full software re-installations or complete hardware rebuilds. Whatever grief your IT is giving you, we can sort it out... FAST

Computer running slowly?

virus & malware infections.

Cracked or smashed laptop screens.

Your old desktop computer needs an upgrade.

Blue screen of death!

it's driving you crazy isn't it? 

We get it...

maybe its just doing something silly and you need help.

We can often give you an idea up front, so please contact us for a quote. 

Drop it off to us at our shopfront in Engadine, and we will inspect it  for you and give you an assessment on exactly what we can do to help and how long it will take.

An assessment only will incur a small fee of $40.

We will give you an estimate of cost, and you can then decide if you wish to go ahead.

The assessment fee will then be waived if you book the job.

No surprises, and NO FIX NO PAY.




Need it done fast and on-site?

Don't want to unplug everything and take it to a store?

We will come to you.

Book an expert, friendly professional to come to you and get you back up and running FAST.

Every effort is made to solve your problems on site, otherwise we will discuss your options with you.
Maybe you just need a good system check over, some computer 'housecleaning'..

Do you just need someone to come out and set everything up for you ... so it just works?

That pesky old printer.. just wont print!

Your wifi keeps dropping off!

Why is my internet so slow?

Do you need some help with your backups... 

what? no backups? We can do that too.

Dont keep putting up with it!

Why not call us or make a booking online NOW?

Hourly rates and NO CALL OUT FEE.


Don't want to come to a store?

Don't want to wait for a home visit?

Sometimes we can help you remotely!

As long  as you have an active internet connection, and your computer is at least working...., we can usually establish a remote connection with your permission, and solve those little issues quickly!

If you think this is just what you need right now, please contact us to see what we can do to help.




One of the most common requests is

Extracting old photos and data off an old broken computer or hard drive.

Don't lose those precious memories.

We have specialised equipment to retrieve and save that old data for you.

Bring your old computer or hard drive to us, we'll back it all up for you.

Contact us today to see how we can help.